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Friday, April 3, 2009


How to transfer your contacts from Nokia to blackberry? Easy! Refer to this link because it is more up to date than this post.

1.Use Nokia PC Suite to make a back up copy of your contacts from your cell phone to your computer (file extension .nbu).
2. Download this software from the internet then install and run into your pc. The software is called ABC Amber NBU Converter.
3. Click on Open located on the middle left of the screen. Then browse your .nbu file.
4. Once it is loaded into the converter page, select the entire item then click the icon named #3. The screen below will pop up once you click on the icon. Notice the extension file name turned to .ipd (which is necessary for blackberries)5. Type the filename then save it to desktop for easier location of files.
6. Use the software for blackberry so you can transfer the file.ipd from pc to blackberry, taking note that you need to physically connect the blackberry to pc.
Thanks techiechip! You made my customer's smile today! end: count then share your blessings to others...


  1. Bullshitttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!

    This works only for messeges..not for contcts..

  2. Make sure you're backing up the contacts and not otherwise. And there are other ways to kill a cat, post the way you know, and I'll be glad! and there is always a better way to say things and when you're mad, its better to shut your mouth and cool yourself down as not to regret whatever foul language you've thrown. Be man enough and not to hide your identity anonymously. Ayt!

  3. this does not work for contacts...only messages.

    thanks for trying

  4. I feel bad it ain't worked for you. If you have easier ways of doing it, then share. Thanks for visiting :)

  5. Well it does not work for contacts. Your screenshot is showing messages not contacts. The software just ignores contact files.

  6. Alright guys, it came to my attention to recheck my post as I once tried this that's why I posted it. All the post contained in this blog are tested if not me, my colleagues who asked for my assistance.

  7. sorry its not working , is there any method please help


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