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Saturday, June 30, 2012


This happened to me when I'm configuring a new machine, Sony Vaio in Win7 32 bit OS, with pre-installed Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security. Windows update is done, computer is running well but for some reasons, Trend Micro cant be removed so that installation of preferred antivirus can be done.
A1. Go to Start type add or remove programs and click on it
A2. Highlight Trend Micro, click on Uninstall
On this process, it hangs to 0%.

Try the next steps:
B1. Go to Start\All programs\TrendMicro\look for Toolkit
B2. Run it and uninstall
Restart pc and it's gone!
What if you after A2 you cant see the Trend Micro on Start up items anymore?
C1. Go to My Computer
C2. Browse to C: drive\Program Files\Trend Micro\tool or toolkit
C3. Run the application and wallah!
Restart the pc and it's gone!

There are some applications over the net that will surely uninstall the antivirus, but along the process, it asks for me to purchase the uninstall software or to register the software itself, to my dismay, I have to look for another alternative.

To end: count then share blessings like Web traffic exchange to others

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